Americans’ Heart Can Face Health Risk Due To Poor Lifestyle Habits

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Many health care professionals and experts are bothered with the increasing number of Americans who are going to emergency departments and are diagnosed to have certain problems with their heart. This is as a result of the increase in health risk brought about by the poor and bad lifestyle habits of many Americans that in turn predisposes them to the development of certain diseases especially those that involves the heart.

Doctors and experts are reminding the general public that these health risks are preventable if and only if they are taking care of themselves by being responsible and wise in choosing good health options. Being sedentary and eating foods which excessively contain high calories and fats can be considered as factors which can predispose a person in having certain cardiovascular diseases. And this poor lifestyle needs modification now, experts say.

According to the reports made by the American Heart Association which appears in the journal Circulation, many Americans are having problems with their heart, and this is probably due to poor lifestyle options.

Heart is a very important organ which has a significant and vital role which includes pumping the blood that contains oxygen and other nutrients which are needed by different body cells and tissues for growth and development as well as for proper functioning. Once the heart is damaged, certain lifestyle modifications should be made which could be very uncomfortable for the person affected.

American Heart Association reported that for the past decades, about two-thirds of U.S. adults and one-third of children are already having weights that are exceeding the normal limits for their age. This means that they are already categorized as being overweight and obese. Being so, this puts a heavy workload for the heart which pushes the heart to do extra effort. Statistics showed that about 20 per cent of children in the United States go beyond their normal body weights which make them be categorized as obese. That is compared to about only 4 per cent of children who are obese back 30 years ago. In addition, many Americans are not engaging into physical activities and exercises.

Moreover, bad health habits which include smoking and heavy alcohol drinking also add the burden. That is including not only the adults, but as well as the teens who are going into the habit.





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