Ancestors Way of Eating Can Help Lose Excess Weights

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With the growing health concern that most of the people across the globe are becoming overweight and obese, researchers and medical health care professionals are continuing to do certain studies which can expand understanding and awareness regarding the risk and detriments that obesity can bring to an individual. But, eve though a lot of evidences are already tying obesity and overweight to heightened health risks, still many individuals are not conscious enough with their diets and way of living. Researchers says that eating like our ancestors which is consuming high amount of protein and vegetables in the diet can cause very significant health benefits which actually includes weight loss and lowered blood pressure levels, according to a study.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the worldwide health problem of obesity has been more than doubled since the year 1980. In fact, 65% of the world’s populations live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight. Also, WHO clearly stressed that obesity is preventable, and doing certain things to prevent obesity actually decreases the risk of an individual to develop certain diseases. However, many individuals who are overweight and obese still find it so difficult to deal with their excess weights and achieve the healthy body.

The new study delved on testing of diets such as those diets consumed by our ancestors decades ago, which are deemed best to help individuals who were unhealthy to achieve desired body weight and decrease the risk of some debilitating diseases. The study involves study participants who were unhealthy individuals to a certain extent. In order for the researchers to test the diets, the study participants were given with specific diets which include lean meat, fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Also, the researchers taken into account giving healthy diets which includes healthy fats found in seeds and nuts.

Furthermore, Dr. Linda Frasetto, MD., and her team found out significant results. Frasetto said: “Everyone’s blood pressure went down. In two weeks everybody’s cholesterol and triglycerides got better and the average drop was 30 points … That’s the kind of drop you get by taking Statins for six months. “This significant result paved way to the knowledge and understanding how our ancestors were able to live their lives longer and healthier aside from the fact that their daily activity makes them lean and fit. Researchers suggest that those individuals who are obese and overweight should control their diet and try to live a healthier life.




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