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Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide quantity, heat and humidity issued by an individual. Unfortunately, these elements are determined by genetics and are difficult to measure. The more a person sweats is more likely to be pinched by mosquitoes.

Experts can’t explain if this is related to fragrance or moisture present in the sweat. The researchers found that a person’s body produces certain odors that attract mosquitoes.

People can’t detect them, but mosquitoes can identify from 50 feet away. Mosquitoes tend to pinch especially those that lactic acid levels and sweat are high. Type and amount of smell are genetically determined.


1. Overview
2. Avoid insect bites when you spend time outdoors
3. Prevent ingress of insects in the house
4. Optimal treatment for an insect bite
5. Anti-insects solutions composition
6. Anti-insects remedies
7. Apply sunscreen and anti-insect products
8. Removal of bees from the yard and house
9. Treatment of insect bites depending on symptoms

Avoid insect bites when you spend time outdoors

Avoid the extension of events up to the dusk when mosquitoes and insects number increases. It is best to use and mosquito sprays, which will obviously protect the insect bites and will hold off.

Candles that contain citronella have proven they can reject the cockroaches, but only those who are within one meter candle, while the electronic devices are effective and destroy only the insects that approach them.

Prevent ingress of insects in the house

Small insects can’t survive when the house is ventilated by strong air currents. As such, the solution would be to do everything possible to use air conditioning or to make some currents in your home for insects to be destroyed and to avoid their bites.

Optimal treatment for an insect bite

Do not scratch or touch the bite place. The more you scratch the more you will release more histamines, chemicals that will cause itching that will enhance itching.

Appling creams or solutions with 1% hydrocortisone or an ice cube will temporarily relieve the affected area. Both for adults and children, oral antihistamines may be helpful.

Anti-insects solutions composition

Generally, solutions to eradicate insects are extremely effective chemicals that help destroy them (some do not kill insects, only clog them). The problem is the toxicity of these substances and side effects ranging from skin irritation to death those who have used them in excessive amounts.

Most experts agree however, that when used properly, these substances do not pose a health risk to adults. They should not be applied frequently and their contact with skin should not be too long.

Cover foods and avoid using solutions to eradicate insects in small spaces, closed or open wounds.

Doctors recommend that substances in solution to eradicate insects not to exceed a concentration of 30%. Avoid contact by eyes, mouth or hands of small children.

Anti-insects remedies

Experts recommend the use of substances that contain two active ingredients derived from natural eucalyptus oil and lemon and IR 3535 amino acids.

These are called biopesticides repellent that provides long-term reasonable protection againsts insect. Currently, there are brands of cosmetics that have developed various creams or sprays to repel insects, such as those containing amino acids.

Apply sunscreen and anti-insect products

Apply sunscreen cream on the skin, leave it to enter the skin and dry, and over it blow over insect spray. Sunscreen cream needs to be stretched the skin to be more easily absorbed and insect spray should stay on the surface to remove insects in contact with skin.

There are products that contain both solutions, recommended for those who spend more time outdoors. Appropriate would be to use separate because sunscreen should be reapplied more frequently than insect spray. In addition, there are some studies that have shown that the two are not as effective when used together.

Removal of bees from the yard and house

If your property appears to be a magnet for bees, experts recommend that people looking for outside walls, gutters, chimney smoke in the house or cracks in tree trunks in which the bees may build hives.

If you find such a hive, call a professional to remove them. Otherwise, they can sting and your pet as well.

Treatment of insect bites depending on symptoms

Experts believe that the suffering caused by insects will be treated according to the type of symptoms that occur

Mosquito bite

Symptoms: A pink or red swelling, intense itching, hives
Treatment: Wash affected area with soap and water and apply cold compresses to relieve itching. You can put a thick paste that you got it from a mixture of baking soda and water on the bite, allowing it to dry and then clean it without water.

There are no clinical evidences to confirm the efficiency of this process, but it can’t be harmful. If rash occurs, you should apply antihistamine and then a cream with 1% hydrocortisone. Avoid scratching and tearing the skin to prevent supra-infection.

Important: Mosquitoes can transmit several diseases, including West Nile virus, a serious enough disease that can cause fever, headache and vomiting. If these symptoms occur between 3-14 days after insect bite, seek medical advice.

Bees and wasps bites

Symptoms: If you see the needle into the skin, remove it gently and clean the skin with soap and water.
Treatment: To control pain, use ice (10 minutes ice application, 10 minute break), and will use an NSAID. If rash occurs will be given an antihistamine. When pain is accentuated doctor may inject an anesthetic to numb the area temporarily.

Important: A small percentage of the population may have a serious reaction to the bite of bees, called anaphylaxis. Signs of anaphylaxis include swelling of the throat or tongue, difficulty breathing and nausea. If this occurs, immediately contact emergency medical service.

Bite bite

Symptoms: immediate pain on the bite area, itchy and red bumps.
Treatment: Wash area with soap and water. Apply ice for about 15 minutes several times a day. It will use a topical product for soothing insect bites that contain ammonia to relieve pain and itching. Avoid scratching the skin to avoid breaking it and a supra-infection.

Important: bleeding may occur at bite bite site. If bleeding does not stop by itself consult your doctor.

Ant bite

Symptoms: burning sensation, followed by red bumps, itching to be turned into white lesions filled with fluid.

Treatment: wash the bite site with soap and water. To stop the itching will apply a soothing lotion containing hydrocortisone or an anti-inflammatory. If pain and redness gets worse or fever occurs, contact your doctor immediately (may be involved a secondary infection).

Important: In some rare cases, some people may develop anaphylaxis. They will contact emergency medical service if specific events occur.

Flea bite

Symptoms: It is manifest as red, small spots, crowded on a narrow piece of skin. These events are accompanied by severe itching. Itching can be soothed using an ice cube or topical solution with 1% hydrocortisone.

Treatment: Symptoms may persist for a week or two without treatment. Healing process may be hastened by using antihistamines taken orally.

Important: If the wounds are supra-infected, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

Spider bite

Symptoms: These can vary from very high swelling to muscle cramps, chest pain and nausea.

Treatment: In the first 72 hours apply ice every two hours, alternating with breaks ice application for 20 minutes. It has been shown that ice flow slows down the enzymes in the body of the person bitten by a spider.

Elevation of the affected body reduces inflammation and reduces the amount of venom that has entered the bloodstream. Take acetaminophen to relieve pain or NSAID. If the pain is too severe to be controlled on their own or significant nausea will occur, consult physician immediately.

Important: If possible, capture and kill the spider and take it to the doctor to identify the species and type of bite. Interestingly, often when people blame a spider bite and have an injury but did not confirm that they were bitten, the wound is the result of staphylococci present in the skin.

Although uncommon, black widow bite can cause rare but severe reactions, such as kidney failure or death. It is therefore very important to consult your doctor if there occur other symptoms than pain.

Tick bite

Symptoms of tick bite is most often confirmed when a tick is discovered on the skin. This is a few millimeters in diameter. Sometimes the tick’s head can fall before it can be observed. Manifestations may include redness, itching and burning.

Treatment: If you find a tick on your skin, use tweezers disinfected in alcohol and try to extract carefully. Apply gentle pressure as you pull out the tick out of the skin. Avoid skin pressed as tick saliva can enter the blood inside the wound, which could increase the risk of developing a disease. Place the tick in a small container with alcohol to kill it. Clean the bite area with soap and water.

Important: Ticks can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain typhus. If bitten area will shape a target (a red dot surrounded by a red circle), redness increase or flu-like symptoms (fever, headache, joint pain, chills), consult your doctor.

If possible, bring the tick with you although it may seem an extreme measure, some experts recommend keeping the tick in alcohol and up to three months, period during which complications may occur. Whenever you go in areas where ticks are common (forest, field), check your body for ticks, before reaching inside.

To treat insect bites there are many natural remedies that significantly improves topical events and contribute to quick healing of pinched areas. Among them are: Epsom salts, baking soda and aspirin.

Whatever the situation, if events such as supra-infection or anaphylaxis symptoms occur, contact emergency medical service and avoid the establishment of other types of treatments. Most times the best treatment is prevention: cleaning the house or wearing clothes that cover the body in the outdoor could be the most effective methods of protection.



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