Antibiotics Prescription Among American Kids On the Rise

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Recently, many issues regarding drug prescription are arising because of the increase consumption of various drugs in the market of the general population, not necessarily for medical intervention, but because they would like to anticipate possible discomfort that not taking the drug can give them. Some of these drugs which have the record of increasing prescriptions include anti-depressants and antibiotics. This problem is because of too much prescription of other medical professionals without considering the possibility of addiction and drug resistance. Also, apparently, the number of prescriptions of antibiotics among children in United States is escalating reaching about over 10 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions given to American children, and it is indeed bothering, according to the researchers.

Antibiotic resistance is a major health problem which started several decades ago. It is considered a drug resistance of a specific microorganism that is due to some genetic mutations in which the microorganism is able to survive despite constant efforts of antibiotic administration. Hence, individuals who are treated with antibiotics are not having the desired therapeutic effect of the medicine and their infection is not being cured. This will lead to a more complicated medical treatment which is of higher costs and thus, an additional burden to the patient.

The prescriptions itself are not the problem, but rather the increasing consumption of various drugs of the general population which can actually lead to the rise of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria which can cause a great deal of harm as far as antibiotic treatment is concern, especially if the affected population are the children, who are considered one of the risk groups. Prescriptions should work as a balancing mechanism of drug consumption specifically those drugs which need medical advice before it will be taken. However, few irresponsible doctors are continuously giving prescriptions to their patients without weighing the possible detriments and benefits,

The report was published in the journal Pediatrics. According to the researchers, American children are being prescribed with antibiotics more often because of viral infections. However, these children who are actually receiving antibiotic treatment for their viral infection will not be having the desired therapeutic effects because antibiotics targets bacteria not virus. Also, aside from this neglected fact, the prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics can as well cause unnecessary financial burden to the patient.

Moreover, the authors said that about 21 per cent of pediatric ambulatory visits lead to antibiotic prescriptions in which 50 per cent of these are broad-spectrum antibiotics. The authors forward awareness and responsible prescription and dispensing of drugs.

According to, antibiotics, first used in the 1940s, are certainly one of the great advances in medicine. But overprescribing them has resulted in the development of bacteria that don’t respond to antibiotics that may have worked in the past. Plus, kids who take antibiotics when they aren’t necessary run the risk of adverse reactions, such as stomach upset and diarrhea.




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