Antioxidant Rich Diet Can Help Reduce the Women’s Risk for Stroke

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Many researches had proven that the mother earth has provided the human population with a lot of cure to certain diseases which are present in the environment. This is in the form of the plants and fruits of many trees which are actually considered edible. Many health experts have continued to conduct certain researchers in order to find solutions on how to reduce the risk of certain individuals to develop various diseases, and they had found out that there are certain chemicals or substances which are naturally occurring in the body that have vital functions in making the body well and sound. These substances are as well found in the contents of fruits and vegetables.

Also, as the person age, or as the person engage in his task in order to make a living, he encounters a lot of counterproductive substances present in the environment which damages the healthy cells. For this reason, researchers used their researches in order to counteract free radicals in the environment.

In fact, another new research revealed its significant results by delving on the antioxidants present in the vegetable and fruits which can actually decrease the level of health risk among women to have stroke.

According to the new research which was published in the journal Stroke, those women who are actually having in their diet large amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can actually reduce their health risk even though they had a medical history of heart disease.

The Swedish study involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from about more than 31,000 women who do not have heart disease, and another about 5,700 women who had a prior history of heart disease. The study participants belong to the age group between 49 and 83. The researchers followed up the study for about more than 1 decade, specifically about 11.5 years for those women who do not have heart disease, and about almost 10 years for those women with medical history of heart disease.

Moreover, researchers the researchers determined the total antibody capacity of each women and found out that those women with no history of heart disease with highest levels of antioxidants in the diet had about 17 percent lowered risk of stroke compared to those who had lower antioxidant levels in their diet. This just indicates that women who should be wary about their food choices.





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