Are Cold Sore Creams Effective?

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Cold sores are caused by viruses that may have infected us at an earlier point. We may have taken these viruses when we were young or when we have contracted other viral diseases. These viruses are called herpes simplex I viruses. These viruses dwell inside our body and may remain inactive for years. When circumstances like low immune system, stress, infection and similar events occur, these viruses may become active and cause cold sores.

Cold sores usually affect the mouth and the nose. They may feel painful and sore for about a week. Once affected with cold sores, one should seek medical treatments which can help hasten the relief and recovery from these viruses.

One of the drugs that can be taken orally when a person is suffering from cold sores is oral acyclovir (Zovirax). This is an antiviral drug which works by speeding up the healing process of the viral infection. Another form of treatment for cold sores is cold sore creams. These cold sore creams are mostly made of topical acyclovir.

How Cold Sore Cream Works?

Cold sore creams work by inhibiting the growth and multiplication of herpes simplex I viruses. Topical acyclovir creams contain ingredients that block the enzyme referred to as DNA Polymerase. This certain enzyme is the one responsible for the multiplication of herpes simplex I virus by undergoing RNA and DNA synthesis.

How Cold Sore Creams Should Be Used?

When you start to feel the early signs of getting a cold sore, i.e. numbness on the lips or nose, tingling sensation, itchiness and redness, and the likes, topical cold sore creams should be started. These cold sore creams should be applied thinly on the area about five times a day with at least four hours interval. This topical solution may be used for a span of five to ten days.

Special Considerations in Applying Cold Sore Creams

Cold sore creams are intended for use only on external use. Applying these creams inside the mouth cavity, nasal cavity, eyes or inside the genitals is not recommended. Irritation may occur in these areas.

It is important to put in mind to wash your hands before and after applying these creams. Avoid contact with eyes and oral cavity—if this happens, rinse the area with running water.

Prevent unnecessary touching of the areas with your hands or towel to prevent further spread and contamination of the affected area. If after ten days, your cold sore hasn’t healed yet, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice for further treatments.

Cold sore creams are not contraindicated for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Side effects like mild itching and flaking of the skin may also occur, as well as a temporary hot and stinging sensation—however, these side effects are very rare and do not occur in all people using cold sore creams.

If you happen to experience other side effects of this drug, be sure to report them to your doctor for further evaluation.





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