Are Natural Foods Safe? Study Says No

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Most people equate “organic” or “natural” to be much safer than artificially processed foods. Yet a new study reveals that botanical sources of food might not always be safe. Some of these foods contain chemicals such as alkenybenzenes that are found to affect human health when taken in more than optimum doses with risks such as liver cancer for animals associated with the presence of these chemicals.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences, plant food chemicals – many of them – will have these chemicals such as alkenylbenezenes in very low quantities such that their reaction to the human body is almost negligible. Yet, there are a few food products that will have the aforementioned chemicals in enough quantities to cause tumor in animals (laboratory animals have been tested for the study).

It’s therefore important to assess the safety of botanical products, according to a feature on The Medical News Today .

Further, upon further analysis of chemical concentration in several plant food supplements – especially those with ingredients such as basil. Calamus, essential oils, nutmeg, sassafras, cinnamon, and fennel – it was found that many of these products also contain alkenylbenzenes.

Some of the EU member states have already passed regulations banning the use of aklenylbenzenes such as estragole, methyleugenol, safrole, or B- asarone.

Although focused on the upcoming Christmas season and in regard to Christmas trees, a feature on mentions Dr. Bruce Ruck – director of Drug Information and Professional Education with the NJ Poison Control Center – who recommends families to take a “Blanket approach” with plans.

Dr. Ruck points that children and pets sometimes tend eat a few plants and get into trouble, which could be avoided. For instance Lily causes kidney failure in cats. Amaryllis and Christmas blooms are outright toxic.  Mistletoes and needles off Christmas trees cause stomach irritation.

Plants aren’t as friendly as they seem – at least not all of the species. These raise a concern for human health although the experiments conducted as mentioned afore were strictly lab experiments and hence could be an over-estimation of the actual effects of the presence of alkenylbenzenes.




  1. What a ridiculous article! Natural foods are and always will be a better option than ANY processed food…period!

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