Are You Suffering From A Whiplash Injury?

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Have you ever been into a car crash or any motor-vehicular accident? Or have you experienced any sports injury? Probably you have encountered having whiplash or any other neck injuries. It is most important to attend to these kinds of injuries because it can lead to further greater injuries which can be debilitating on the long run.

What Is A Whiplash Neck Sprain?

In a car accident, particularly a rear-end collision; it is one of the most common injuries you could suffer from. Like the lash of a whip, the neck is susceptible to injury as a result of the whipping motion. Whiplash neck sprains occur when the head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards or vice-versa in a whip-like movement, or are abruptly by force rotated. Some neck muscles and ligaments are stretched more than normal causing it to sprain. It happens in a split second, and the cervical area of the spine is forced into a so-called S-Curve. The upper area of the cervical spine is flexed forward, while the lower area is extended backward. This rapid flexing and bending motion forces the cervical spine beyond its normal range of motions, into an unnatural position. Damage to ligaments, tendons and spinal discs may follow afterwards.

What Are Whiplash Neck Symptoms?

Most people experience neck pain either immediately after the injury or several days later. Other symptoms of whiplash may include the following: stiffness of the neck, injuries to the muscles and ligaments, headache and dizziness if the head is severely injured brought about by cohesion, difficulty of swallowing and chewing, hoarseness may indicate that there is an injury to the esophagus and larynx, burning or prickling at the neck and back which indicates that there could be involvement of nerves, shoulder pain, and back pain.

Whiplash Neck Treatment Modalities

The degree of injury and part of the spine affected should be established first before going through the treatment. Certain diagnostic testa will be performed to identify the severity of the injury. These are just some of the treatment modalities available for a neck whiplash:

-          Use of cervical collar. This gives support to the head and relieves the neck of the pressure coming from the weight of the head. However, you must seek the advise of your healthcare provider as to how long are you going to wear the cervical collar.

-          Exercise the neck and keep active. Gentle exercise may help your neck recover, although there could be some pain at first that it may necessitate for you to use analgesics before you try to begin your exercise. It is still much better to consult the experts.

-          Heat application. This helps your neck muscles to relax. This must only be applied when there is already no inflammation or swelling.

-          Chiropractic treatments. These can also help return movement to restricted spinal joints and to improve the overall mechanics of the spine.

Remember, that before you proceed with any treatment plan, it is crucial to consult your health care provider. Also, to prevent whiplash of the neck, it is much better to be safe while driving your cars and follow traffic rules.




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