Argentina’s Miracle Baby Lived After Being Inside Coffin For 12 Hours

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A mother living in Argentina claims that she almost fell on her knees in surprise, when she found her baby alive in the coffin approximately 12 hours following the girl was declared as dead. The mother had named her new born infant Luz Milagros which means the Miracle light. The little girl, who was born 3 months premature, and was in critical but better condition in the similar medical centre where the doctors had announced her stillborn on 3 April. The matter became exposed when the deputy health minister from the northern state of Chaco, reported in a news press release that 5 medical professionals engaged have been suspended pending the official investigation.

It was also told that the doctors even gave her a death credential just 20 minutes following the child took birth, and that she still had not got the birth certificate for her child. The child was immediately put in coffin and was taken to morgue’s refrigeration room. When 12 hours passed, the mother along with her husband was able to bid a final goodbye to the child.

Child is still recovering:

She said that when her child trembled, she considered that it was an imagination. But she then realized that the child was alive and then she dropped on her knees in shock on the morgue floor. Soon a worker picked up the child and confirmed that she was alive. They quickly grabbed the child and rushed towards the hospital’s NICU, calling for the doctors. The child was so cold and it felt as if they were holding a bottle of ice. Following one week, the child is still recovering. However the mother is still surprised as to what happened. She said that she even did not understand why she was not permitted to see her child ahead putting it in coffin.



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