Arrest Of Breast Implant Company’s Founder Sought By The Interpol

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With the modern technology that is now evident in today’s society, it seems that every problem about the human body can be answered. Some people who have breast cancer underwent mastectomy, which have inevitable physical as well psychological implications to the patient. Breast implants are the medical prostheses which are now widely used in the world to respond to such concerns of women (reconstructive purposes).  Others utilize these implants for corrective purposes (for congenital deformities). More so, women use this for aesthetic reasons (for augmenting breast size). With these reasons, breast implants may truly be beneficial. Nonetheless, this breast implant is still synthetic, unrelated to the body’s norm, and considered a foreign body. So, this may present some detriments to the patients. What can possibly the danger which can result from its use?

Last Friday, the Interpol issued a “red notice” that sought for the arrest of Jean-Claude Mas, French founder of the breast implant company for being the cause of a pervasive health threat to women. Mas, whose age is 72 and was born in May 24, 2939, is in the list of offenders in Costa Rica, involving “life and health”. Mas’ pictures can already be found on the website of Interpol, having a grey and white beard.

Furthermore, the health ministry of France circulated through advice to 30,000 females having breast implants created by the currently-bankrupt Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) to have them removed.  They said that although no cancer risk if proven, these implants can rupture. Additionally, tens of thousands of females in more than 65 countries across the globe have similar implants, created from industrial instead of medical quality silicone. Most of these women are residing in South America and Western Europe.

Moreover, according to the information from a government watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, about 42,000 women living in Britain are believed to have the breast implants. The representatives from the government agency also articulated that they received 411 reports of PIP implants failures among British patients that began in 2001. Presently, over 250 British women are initiating legal action directed against clinics where the surgeries involving the PIP implants insertion were performed. Other people are believed to file further legal suit.

PIP was the third largest breast implant company in the globe before; it supplied more than 100,000 implants annually. However, upon being discovered of utilizing non-authorized silicone gel, it closed and its products were barred in the previous year.

The red noticed issued by the Interpol is equivalent to an international arrest warrant, even though the agency is not authorize to issue warrants in a formal sense, since its role is facilitating collaboration among the national police forces.




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