Artificial Eye May Restore A Person’s Sight

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A recent kind of artificial eye system can 1 day restore your sight, if you have ever lost the vision because of the degenerative eye disease like the macular degeneration, as per the findings of the study which was conducted on rats. The system makes use of the tiny solar panel similar cells which are placed surgically under the retina, along with a particularly designed pair of glares which are equipped with a miniature camera along with a pocket PC which processes the visual data. The team from the Stanford University School of medicine explained.

These visual images are demonstrated on a liquid crystal micro display which is embedded in the glares, similar to what we use in gaming of video games. The pictures are beamed to the cell implanted inside the retina of the eyes which then is responsible for sending the pictures to the brain. This research was posted online in the periodical Nature Photonics.

Working of the device:

It functions like the solar panel which is put on the roof of your home, which converts the light into electric current. However rather than the current flowing to the refrigerator of the house, it will flow in the retina of the eyes. The investigators are presently evaluating the system in rats and look for a sponsor to backup the evaluation in the human beings. The investigation which appeared promising in animal researches generally fails to provide the same advantages to the human beings. The investigators anticipate that this system could be tested to finally help the people with retinal degenerative disorders like the age connected macular degeneration is the prime cause of sight loss in USA and around 1.5 million individuals have lost their vision because of retinitis pigmentosa.



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