Attempts to Commit Suicide by Most Teens Occur Before High School Sets In

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Suicide is a very alarming health issue which should be addressed through extensive campaigns, widespread awareness, and having medical and psychological interventions. Suicide is considered as alarming and even gruesome because it actually kills life. Many people are committing suicide, although many attempts failed, still the recorded figures of individuals who died from suicide still remains high.

Suicidal patients necessitate immediate and prompt intervention which involves not only medical help, but as well strong support system to ease the patient and make him feel that everything is under control. Age groups of those suicidal individuals varies, even gender differences are noted. Suicidal ideation can occur as early as when the person is in teenager years. Most suicide attempts of teenagers occur before their high school years, according to a new study.

According to the new study which was published in the November issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, about a large percentage of the teenagers who have attempted to commit suicide made their attempts before high school. This means that suicidal ideations and attempts can occur in a much earlier age as compared to other ideas where suicidal ideations occur in a much older state of an individual.

The new study involves the gathering of data from about 900 teenagers who belong to the age group of 18 to 19 years. The University of Washington researchers asked questions to the study participants regarding their history of suicidal attempts. Researchers found out that among the 900 teens who participated the survey, about 78 of them or 9 per cent said that they had attempted to commit suicide. Researchers furthermore go into details and found out that about 40 per cent of those who admitted that they had attempted to commit suicide had made their first attempt before they entered high school.

Moreover, according to lead author James Mazza, a professor of educational psychology, he said: “We’re likely not giving kids enough credence in assessing their own mental health, and this study shows that we can rely on self-report measures to help identify youth who may be at risk for current mental health concerns, including possible suicidal behavior.”

Furthermore, the researchers suggests that implementation of mental health programs which can help counsel these individuals at risk to commit suicide should be started at an earlier age in order to prevent life casualties.




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