Sugar busters diet: useful information

OverviewDiet focuses on eating low-carb and wanted to be a diet that could be maintained as a lifestyle, not just a quick alternative to reduce the number of kilograms.The glycemic index is used as a reference for this diet, to determine if … [Read more...]

How much water should I drink daily?

1. OverviewWater is essential for maintaining good health, but water intake varies according to individual needs. How much water should you drink each day? It's a simple question, but the answer is not so easy.Over time, studies were formulated … [Read more...]

Home remedies for hoarseness

OverviewHoarseness is a general term that describes abnormal voice changes and thickening it and is caused by irritation of the vocal cords.Hoarseness may be several forms, involving breathing difficulties, forcing changes in voice or sound … [Read more...]

Differences between hemorrhoids and anal fissures

OverviewThe difference between a hemorrhoid and a fissure, it is often difficult to discern. A hemorrhoid is a bulge, while the fissure has lesion shape or crack in the anal area.Contents1. Overview 2. Hemorrhoids 3. Anal fissure 4. Anal … [Read more...]

The dangers of restrictive diets

OverviewRestricted diet is not the only way to lose weight. Best weight loss diet should start with developing a healthy eating plan every day, followed by a moderate increase in physical activity to burn more calories.Restrictive diets present … [Read more...]

Otitis in Children

Causes The space behind the eardrum, the middle ear, closes the auditory system and is empty. The natural secretions formed here are removed through an internal route called the Eustachian tube. In children, this does not always work well, probably … [Read more...]

The health benefits of barley

OverviewBarley is a type of whole grains rich in fiber and protein that offers many health benefits to those who consume it.Boiled barley has a delicious nutty flavor and a coated texture. In addition, barley is an excellent source of … [Read more...]

Lymphatic detoxification

1. OverviewLymphatic detoxification and cleansing is one of the best things a person can do to his body after intestinal detoxification as the hidden power of the lymphatic system is quite neglected and overlooked.If a person suffers from … [Read more...]

Physical exercise during winter

1. OverviewIn winter, when the days are shorter and darker, it is harder for most people to mobilize to do exercise. Yet there is no good reason to abandon sports equipment. It is important for any person to keep their shape through physical … [Read more...]

Diet for the 2nd Month of Pregnancy

The body of the baby is developing this month and calcium plays an important role for the harmonious development and health. Calcium helps bone formation and baby teeth, prevents hypertension and risk of postpartum depression at mom. So, this is the … [Read more...]