Autistic Children Might Have a Bad Visualization

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The United States—The latest study reported that children with autism might have insufficient ability to stand on their own when they grow up. Based on the study, those with autism when they are younger are very likely to have lack of ability to do the activities that are commonly by adults. They are usually unable to find their shoes or buying stuff they need in the market. The research was done by analyzing two groups, one was autistic children and the other is the normal ones. The study was to ask those two groups to find the hidden objects in the computer. It is proven that the normal children found more objects than the autistic ones.

It is proven that those with autism were finding it hard to find the hidden objects that are relatively easy to find by the normal ones. Autistics are usually less proficient and not as systematic as the normal children. Autistic children were finding it harder to understand the clues given by the evaluator. However, the activity done on the research is very recommended to make those autistic children to be more accustom with identifying and finding the things that they need.



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