Ayurveda clinical barometers

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m. Ayurveda describes three basic types of pulse ( vata , pitta and kapha ) and their characteristics. There are 12 radial pulse – six on the right side, three superficial and three deep and six on the sranga. There is a relationship between superficial and deep pulses and internal organs. You can feel the power, vitality and normal physiological tone of these organs under each finger. describes the ancient art of tongue diagnosis characteristic lines can reveal the functional status of respective internal organs by observing the tongue surface. Language is the mirror of the viscera and reflects many pathological conditions. A discoloration and / or tenderness in a particular area of the tongue indicates a disorder of the body corresponding to that area. A whitish tongue indicates an imbalance of kapha and mucus accumulation. A red or yellow-green tongue indicates an imbalance of pitta . A blackish or brown language indicates an imbalance vata . A dehydrated tongue is symptomatic of declining race dhatu (plasma) and a pale tongue indicates a decrease rakta dhatu (red blood cells). ayurveda doctors examine and urine as a diagnostic tool and understanding of imbalances in the body. Body fluids such as blood ( rakta ) and lymph ( race ), shipments of waste ( Malaysia ) on the tissues that produce them. The urinary system eliminates water ( kleda ), salt ( kshar ) and nitrogen wastes ( dhatu Malaysia ). The urinary system helps maintain normal water concentration ( water dhatu ) and electrolytes in body fluids. Helps regulate body fluid volume, thereby maintaining the balance between the three humors vata , pitta , kapha , and water ( kleda ). In the clinical examination of urine take a clean and harvest the middle stream of urine in the morning. Note the color. If black-brown, indicating an imbalance vata . If the color is dark yellow – an imbalance of pitta . Also, in case of constipation body gets less water intake and urine is dark yellow. If urine is cloudy, it



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