B12 shots and side effects

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Are B12 shots for everyone ? If you are getting these shots from someone, including someone in the medical industry, were you told the whole story ? Asking important questions should get you some important answers. Read here while we go through the possible side effects of getting shots of the Vitamin B12.

b12 ShotsIn what has been described as a growing health crisis in the United States, the Vitamin B12 deficiency has a scary ambience surrounding it. What in the world does this essential vitamin do anyway ? For one, it helps with mental function, including memory. A person, especially an older person, can be wrongly diagnosed as having dementia, and perhaps wrongly diagnosed as having the beginnings of alzheimer´s disease. With the overwhelming amount of mistakes in the medical industry, do not dismiss this not-so-outrageous claim.

But if you are already getting these important shots, what can you expect ? The first thing is more available energy, more vitality. You should have regained part of your memory and alleviated part of your instability if you are advanced in years and had a lack of these things. The mood swing should diminish. The side effects of Vitamin B12 shots are going to vary person to person simply because of the mode of delivery. People are reporting they get cramps or spasms in their muscles after a B12 shot. They get these pains within the first six hours after the shot. Some people experience a normalizing of their blood pressure after a shot of B12. Some women have a positive B12 shot side effects of getting relief of hypertension from B12.

If you were expecting only negative side effects from this injection of B12 you should have some pleasant surprises. The worst side effect could just be a lack of sleep. Remember, Vitamin B12 is used by the body for using energy. If you get a dark color to your urine this is a common side effect of not just taking B12, but of vitamins in general. B12 shot side effects are going to be non-life threatening. If you are a woman and take a pill for contraception, you should look into taking some form of vitamin supplement. Contraceptive pills use up valuable vitamins in the body, including B12. Take your vitamins in liquid form. Pill forms are woefully undigested and hardly absorbed by our bodies.

If you take B12 in the form of a metal needle under your skin you will be delighted that there is a less painful way to get it into your body. You can get in a mist form that you spray under your tongue. It is readily absorbed this way and you do not have the pain or scars of needles. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal food sources. Pork, beef, seafood, milk, eggs and chicken are all food sources of this important vitamin and a great way to avoid any B12 shot side effects by simply getting it your diet.




  1. Has Mom ever gotten tested for this?

  2. lynn reynolds says:

    I just had a b-12 shot in my upper arm with a tb syringe and weant to know if this is the proper techique. Also the dr. say my range from the blood test was 3.05 is this very low? What is the normal range.? Thanks Lynn

  3. I was told, once you start taking the injections, you have to take them for rest of your life. Your body only absorbs what it needs when taken in pill form.The shots affect a feedback mechanism that will prevent you from absorbing and make you deficient.

  4. Dedee Bobb says:

    Does Vitamin B12 injections cause slow pulse rates?


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