Babies’ Ability to Befriend Even Before They Speak

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A team of researchers is working on a hypothesis of “how do babies make jokes and become friends, even when they are too small to speak”. The research team from Australia University has spent 2 years observing the behavior of young children. It has been revealed that researchers from the Charles Sturt University are conducting research and studying how young babies communicate with other infants during their childcare. They made use of footage which they obtained from tiny cameras that were strapped to their foreheads. The study affords something like baby’s-eye-view in which even the simplest objects like spoons appeared oversized.

The studies also proved that children from the age group of six-eighteen months apply sophisticated as well as subtle non-verbal means to become friends and joke with each other. They were surprised to notice that the babies were very sophisticated in their helping and social skills and made sure that they invited other babies to become a part of their group. The researchers said that their findings proved that children make use of their eye contact, humor and hand gestures when they interact. They applied little or no social games which one would generally not use until you are looking for any relation very closely.

Instances of these included babies who handed another child a toy, just to grab it away the last minute. In one instance they noted a one year old girl who was trying to comfort an infant when he was frightened. She placed her hand gently on a piece of see through fabric and covered the infant so that the infant could see out and feel protected. The researchers hope that this research will throw light on the mysterious world of babies and their number of experiences in the childcare.



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