Babies With Very Low Birth Weights Can Have Memory Problems

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Mothers should be very cautious and careful with their pregnancy because this can affect the whole pregnancy experience of the mother as well as the future life of her baby upon giving birth. Mothers should be reminded to have prenatal care in order to give necessary medical interventions and advises on how to make the whole pregnancy safe and sound.

However, there are some instances where in problems in  giving birth are encountered by the mothers, also, other problems which includes the baby itself can also take place such as having a premature baby or having a baby with very low birth weights. In these events, medical health care professionals and the parents should give the necessary care to help the baby adapt to the external environment.

According to a new Finnish study, having a baby born with a very low birth weight, memory and attention problems can take place in the future when the baby is already adult. This means that those babies who are born with birth weight less than the normal may have memory problems during their adult years as compared to those babies who were born with normal birth weights.

The new study which will appear in the December issue of the journal Neurology involved the analysis and assessment of data gathered from about 103 adults who had less than 3.3 pounds weights during their births which means that they have very low birth weights. Researchers also included in the study about 105 adults who were born with more than 3.3 pounds birth weights. The study participants belonged to the age group of about 21 to 30 years. They were asked by the researchers to undergo series of tests to examine their cognitive ability which includes their vocabulary, comprehension, memory and IQ.

Researchers found out that those study participants with very low birth weights actually performed less having low scores and finishing the tests for longer period of time as compared to those individuals who had low to normal birth weights.

Moreover, the researchers also discovered that those adults who had very low birth weights were more inclined to have remedial education during their school years as compared to those who had low to normal birth weights considering that both populations hadthe same number of school years.





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