5 Tips on how to keep your baby healthy

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Some people are scared of the idea of having a baby mostly due to the fact that they believe they can’t take care of the child properly as they don’t know too much about these small but precious ‘gifts’. They are afraid that they will not be able to handle well nurturing and the situation when the baby will get sick.
The truth is that all of us were not born with the knowledge on how to be great parents, but still, we adapt and listen to our instincts and somehow we manage to raise our kids and be proud of them. Luckily as nowadays information on how to raise and nurture a baby can be found quite easily, we should not worry too much, but trust in our own powers and go for having a baby.

In this article you will find some basic tips on how to maintain your baby’s health.

1. The most essential condition for having a healthy baby is to keep yourself healthy while being pregnant. This means that you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle during all nine months of pregnancy (and it would be ideal if you could keep it up after the delivery too). Proteins, vitamins and minerals are essential for your baby’s well development so eat during the pregnancy period plenty of fruits, vegetables and aliments that are rich in proteins. Keep away from smoking and your baby will not develop bronchial or pulmonary affections.

2. Don’t miss immunization shots. It is important that you ask your family doctor for a list of dates when you need to take your baby for vaccination. Children during their first two-three years of life are very susceptible to infections as their immune system is not that strong yet as the immune system of and adult. Vaccinating your baby at the right time could keep your baby away from a lot of dangerous and even lethal diseases.

3. Keep an eye opened on your baby’s weight, see if it manages to assimilate nutrients in a normal rhythm for its age or if it needs an adjustment in the alimentation program. Talk with the pediatrician and see if any changes need to be done. Sometimes all you need is a change in the feeding schedule, other times you need to increase the amount of food you give to the baby. You don’t have to take decisions on your own; all you need to do is monitor any important changes that occur in your baby’s weight and keep in touch with the pediatrician.

4. Don’t panic if your baby develops fever, and mostly do not administer any drugs if the temperature is less than 37.5 Celsius degrees. Let the baby’s organism fight a little bit with this situation and allow its immune system to react. You can give the baby water or fruit juice as these are natural remedies against dehydration and will help him a lot. You can go for medication against fever if you observe that the fever keeps on rising in the next hour (over 37.5 Celsius degrees).

5. Be careful when you take your child for a walk or at the beach during the summer days. The skin’s baby is very delicate and can easily get burned from the sunlight. You should take your baby out during the morning and late in the afternoon when the sun does not have such an intense skin damaging power. Also, apply plenty of sunblock on the skin even if you keep the child under an umbrella.




  1. Abdul Waheed says:

    Dear Sir,
    My baby who’s ageis only 05-Months but she is suffering in fever and loose motion. No any medicine treat the properly and did not settled. She is suffering previous 01-week in this condition.
    Please reply as soon as possible


    With Best Regards

    Abdul Waheed

  2. I remember when my wife and I became first time parents. We were so paranoid we’d put a mirror next to our son’s nose, when he was sleeping, to make sure he was breathing!!!

    Now after two more kids we take stuff in stride. 103 fever…..no problem, normal for small children.

    Your tips are very sensible and accurate, good job.

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