Back pain in the morning

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Back pain in the morning is a common problem in people with chronic back problems. Many people go to bed without presenting any pain and the morning wake up comes with back pain.

May feel pain that involve only one area the back or neck, whole back, sides, arms or legs.

There may be many reasons that lead to the occurrence of these pains, depending on the type of back disease diagnosed from which the patient suffers.


1. Overview
2. Back pain from neck down
3. Pain localized in the upper back
4. Pain localized in the lower back
5. Overcoming morning back pain
6. Stretching in the morning
7. The waking up from bed

Back pain from neck down

There are many types of back pain that may occur in the morning, depending on where they occur. If waking up in the morning regularly involves stiff neck, try to check the pillow on which you sleep, and if necessary, change it.

There are many types of pillows, including chiropractic massage pillows, usually made of high quality materials. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a softer pillow, which can adapt to your body shape to support the neck. If you tend to sleep on your back, then you need a pillow for shoulder space, while keeping your neck aligned with the body.

Some of the common signs that it is better to change your sleeping pillow are numb hands or fingers, neck stiffness, headache (if these occur in the morning, on awakening, can be signs of blood pressure problems).

Once you changed your pillow, you can expect some uncomfortable nights, during which time your body will adjust to this change.
Pain localized in the upper back

Those who sleep on their stomach or side are more likely to suffer on waking pain in the shoulders or upper back pain than those who usually sleep on their back.

When a person sleeps on his stomach, shoulders and upper back are in a position of slight extension, which can become quite uncomfortable after several hours. Those who sleep with their hands over their heads, put additional pressure on the neck and these muscles can become inflamed from the top to the shoulders.

A too high pillow cause upper back pains when you wake up. For those who sleep on the side or back, it is recommended to use a therapeutic pillow that can do wonders for the spine.

Pain localized in the lower back

Such pain are often signs that transmit the warning that the sleeping mattress on which you sleep do not offers the support you need. Mattress firmness does not necessarily mean that it will support you better, considering that there are many soft mattresses, which gives the body a good support.

If you sleep on your side and you wake up with back pain, it could be too much pressure on the sacroiliac joints. A pillow placed between the legs can help get rid of this pressure.

If you feel the mattress you sleep is not good enough to provide optimal conditions for sleep, and buying a new mattress is not an option, set a piece of plywood particle board between mattress and mattress support for a better support.

Overcoming morning back pain

Often, successful treatment of back pain and morning pain can occur after several attempts, through various forms of treatment. No matter in what area of the back you feel the pain is not recommended trying several different treatment techniques.

The explanation offered by specialists in the field is that if the back pain will get worse after trying several different exercises, it may be difficult to determine which method triggered discomfort. It is recommended to start with one or two techniques for improving pain with daily repetitions and if the exercises give you the desired yield, you should continue them.

Stretching in the morning

You should try to wake up a little earlier than usual to start the day with some easy exercises, before even going down from bed. These exercises target the low intensity pains of the back, neck or hip.

1. Spine stretches – Lie on your side and curl up in the fetal position slightly, keeping the position for a few seconds. Relax and then continue the exercise. While you repeat this exercise, you should feel a slight stretch of the spine.

2. Exercises for middle and upper back area – Raise your hands above your head and close them. Then turn palms outward and then spread your arms. Relax and then repeat the exercise. Do not try to stretch your arms more than you feel comfortable.

3. Light stretches for the lower back – Lie on you back with your knees bent, keeping feet flat on the mattress. Slowly move both legs to the left (5-10 cm) and back to the starting position. Relax for a few seconds and then move toward the right foot. Repeat the exercise, moving the legs toward each other, as long as it allows you to feel comfortable. While doing this exercise it is important to make sure you do not turn the pelvis too.

The waking up from bed

Try that when you wake up, get out of bed by turning instead to immediately move upright, thus protecting the head and neck from unnecessary pressure. Easy swing legs out of bed to the floor, then get up from that angle. Avoid sleeping in too prone position on the bed’s edge.

Keep your back straight – morning posture is very important, considering that your muscles, joints and ligaments begin to recover after physical inactivity during the night. Before you get out of bed, arched back and lean slightly forward towards the hips, keeping your back straight.

Before your muscles to warm up, avoid sudden movements and any position that can cause excessive muscles or joints stretching. After a period of inactivity, the body is prone to injury. A prolonged hot shower will relax your entire body in contact with hot water.




  1. thanks for this interesting and helpful read. I am a sufferer of back pain throughout most of the day, so am always on the look out for help and advice, although iv’e been seen and it’s nothing serious, its still a huge pain and leaves me quite grumpy and irritable. The pain is much weaker and more tolerable since switching to a more supportive chair at work, and have started sleeping on a memory foam mattress, hope this will help someone thanks, Matt

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