Bald Barbie Supports Childhood Cancer

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Are the Barbie dolls going bald? Yes the US makers of the popular franchisee of Barbie Dolls is soon going to launch a doll next year and this doll shall be bald as it will support the children who are suffering from cancer and have lost their hair during their treatment, a spokesman Mattle, said on Tuesday, 3rd of April 2012. The judgment to introduce the new doll that Mattle describes, shall be a “friend of Barbie” and this was made after a huge Facebook request attracted over 157,000 subscribers to the cause of motivating the doll-makers to consider and create a innovate doll for the sick children. The hairless Barbie doll shall come with numerous wigs, scarves, hats and head coverings and shall be on hand for distribution and donation in early 2013, Mattle Says.

Barbie will go directly to the hospitals:

These dolls shall not come in the market shelves and will go directly to the hospitals and care centers who treat kids with cancer in the US and Canada. We have provided little quantities for our Mattel subordinates globally to provide to partners of charity in many other nations. We made this decision as to not to sell the dolls in the markets and gain income from them, rather more honestly and urgently get these in the hands of those kids who can benefit the most by playing with these Barbie dolls. A request came from a group on the facebook which called Bald and Beautiful Barbie and said that it expects to help the young girls who are experiencing and struggling hard with their hair loss for therapeutic reasons like stress, chemotherapy and compulsive disorder.

A hairless doll would be a present and great opportunity for the medical providers and families to talk about the illness and hair loss with children suffering from cancer.



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