Bat Flu, A New Challenge After Swine and Bird Flu

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For a very first time, the researchers have discovered evidences of flu in bats, and the virus has never been seen before. The risk that this virus can have on health of humans is still unknown. The astonishing detection of hereditary fragments of a virus causing flu in bats is primary well documented report. Till now the researchers have not been able to augment it, and they are unsure of its growth and spread. Birds, pigs and humans are commonly exposed to flu bugs, and these bugs can also be found in other animals like whales, horses, dogs and seals.

Most of the individuals are convinced that they have already found flu in all possible mammals.  Researchers assume that few bats caught flu many years ago and the virus causing flu has transformed within the bat populace into this novel variety. Researchers have failed to grow this novel virus in human cell culture or chicken egg cells as they do with other flu strains. But they still doubt if it can pose threat to human beings. Like if it is allowed to mingle with general variety of influenza, it can swap into something much threatening. This research was published in an online periodical on Monday.

The researchers have conducted studies on 300 bats in the year 2009 and 2010. They found these bats eat only insects and fruits and do not bite human beings, but still there is possibility that they could leave flu virus on any produce and a human being might get infected if he bites that produce. Though few individuals were suspected of being infected with a particular virus in the past, the CDC found that it was hereditary material of flu virus. After a lab test, they found that it was a segment of hereditary material.



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