Beauty key elements you should consider when you are 20, 30, 40 and 50

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The key to having a great body even when you are 50 is to take care of your body and insist on certain aspects when the time is right. Every decade added to our age brings certain problems that can go away nicely or leave behind deep marks to our body if we don’t take measures at the proper moment.

When you are 20

This age is generally great! No wrinkles, no dark circles under the eyes, the skin is firm, maybe one or two zips that continue bothering you before your period comes. The only considerable body problem would be cellulite. Some girls get it when they are 14 or 15, due to hormonal changes that occur at that age, while others get it when they are a little bit over 20. At this age cellulite is mostly caused by an excessive retention of water in the body. Do not panic, as at this age cellulite is only in its early stages and can be defeated with a little bit of effort. By using constantly for a few months special gels that fight cellulite you can rest assure that your body will maintain its lovely shapes. Massage these products on the skin and avoid pinching as you can hurt some of the superficial blood vessels. Diet is also important: try not to consume too many fatty foods, and sodas. Pay attention to the way you dress, make sure your jeans are not too thin and that your belts and socks are not too tight as they can interfere with the process of blood irrigation of the tissues, leading to cellulite too. Also remember this: water is great for the skin so drink plenty of it every day.

When you are 30

At this age women have to deal with marks left behind by pregnancy. Stretch marks are not easy to deal with especially if you are genetically programmed to develop them. Taking care of your body before getting pregnant, during the pregnancy and after delivering the baby by applying special body lotions can help a little bit too. Aliments that increase the skin’s elasticity should be consumed more at this age: fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, minerals and proteins, eggs and especially fish. At the age of 30 wrinkles step forward taking the shape of fine lines on the forehead. You can start now applying daily creams that contain coenzyme q10 as they help your skin delay the wrinkle appearance process.

At the age of 40

As the level of estrogen starts to decrease now and the metabolism does not work so fast as it used to do when you were 20 you have to pay attention at your abdomen as fat might begin to deposit there. Every morning you should apply on the abdomen a body lotion based on coffee or sea algae extracts. Eat three times a week fish as it contains omega 3 acids which are great for reducing the fat from the blood. This way you not only maintain a perfect abdomen but also keep away atherosclerosis which is a deposit of fat on the walls of arteries.

When you are 50

At this age menopause normally installs, and your breast seem to loose their shape. Due to the lack of estrogens even the skin suffers and you are more exposed as ever to wrinkles. In order to maintain a great tonus of your breasts and arms you can do easy weight lifting every morning. Another great method for taking care of the breasts aspect is to apply once a week ice packages over the breasts. Leave them there for no more than 4 minutes. Also, apply special lotions and creams that nurture the breast’s skin and make sure you are well hydrated during the summer days.



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