Beauty secret is in the kitchen

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For any person, which nourishes the body both inside and out, is equally important.

Have you ever thought that what acts internally to maintain skin and hair health may have beneficial effects if used outside too?

Scientists believe that there are at least four natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen – secrets of maintaining all women’s beauty.


1. Overview
2. Bananas for healthy hair
3. Smooth skin using honey
4. Garlic for strong nails
5. Dry skin without any shine
6. Cleaning oil
7. Natural tanning

Bananas for healthy hair

If your hair begins to show signs of damage after using the hair dryer, or dyeing repeatedly or due to intense use of spread plate, you can try next treatment: mash a banana in a bowl and then apply the mixture from the root to the tip of the hair.

Leave treatment on for 15 minutes and then wash hair with shampoo. Bananas help improve the health and natural elasticity of your hair due to their high levels of potassium.

Smooth skin using honey

For intensive hydration, apply honey on clean face. A thin layer is sufficient. Honey is designed to hydrate and maintain skin moisture and is a natural anti-aging ingredient. It is also an extra help to protect skin from the adverse effects of UV rays.

Heat a little honey in a small bowl. After you have tested it on the inside temperature of the hand, apply the honey generously on face. The mask will work for 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and then with cold water.

Garlic for strong nails

Add crushed garlic in a bottle of nail polish and let it sit for 7-10 days, then use it for nail care for your nails to become stronger than acrylic.

Dry skin without any shine

Replace exfoliation creams or spa treatments with natural treatments, healthier and cheaper. When you taste a Greek olive paste, apply on skin because it is a wonderful remedy for dry skin.

Grind olives into a food processor and use them as a scrub to remove dead skin cells.

Cleaning oil

Use olive, coconut or almonds oil mixed with a little castor oil to cleanse the skin, instead of using a harsh soap. It will clean your skin naturally and will not remove natural oils.

Make a solution of 25% castor oil and 75% sweet almonds oil. Rub the face with a small amount and massage the skin for several minutes in order to make the oil enter the skin. To remove, soak a clean towel in water and place it on your face until it begins to cool. Gently wipe the face until the oil is removed. Your skin will be softer.

Natural tanning

You can replace tanning creams and lotions with ingredients from the kitchen. For this you can mix cocoa powder with cinnamon until arrowroot will get the desired shade (30-40% might be enough cocoa, cinnamon and a little arrowroot).

Peas mixture into a small container and apply it on skin to get an instant tan. In addition, it smells great. In this combination you can add a little cream for a liquid version.



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