Being Fit and Healthy Lessens Threat of Hypertension

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Although the individuals who have a family past of high blood pressure and hypertension are at elevated threat of progressing the circumstance themselves, physical fitness and regular exercises might prominently reduce the threat, as per the recent study.  The findings of the research convey a very practical message which is that even the moderate and realistic amount of exercises like a brisk walk in the park – can render great health benefits specially to the individuals who are predisposed to high blood pressure and hyper tension due to their family history, reported the main author of the research Robin Shook, he said this at times of the news release which took place at the American Heart Association.

How was the research carried on and what results did the research convey:

The investigators observed around 6300 extremely healthy and fit individuals who ranged from 20 to 80 for approximately 5 years. Of this main group, 1/3rd had nearly one parent who suffered from high blood pressure. These individuals had 34 percent reduced threat of getting diagnosed with hypertension than other individuals who even had a family past of this disease however they were not physically fit.

On whole more than 1500 volunteers were detected with hypertension when the study was conducted. Elevated levels of fitness were somehow linked to 42 percent with reduced threat of high blood pressure, irrespective of the history of the family. Mild fit individuals had 26^ reduced threat. Also amid the healthy individuals who had a family past of high blood pressure and hypertension, the threat augmented for just 16% individuals. The AHA suggests that minimum 30 minutes of mild physical activity like brisk walking, 5 times in a week.



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