Being Ignored By Strangers, May Also Affect A Person

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It is very important for the individuals to be part of some gang. One might feel stressed, if left out from any group or gang. A new research which got published in Psychology Science, found that an emotion of elusion can come from anything which is as simple as an eye contact with an unknown or stranger. Psychologists have realized that individuals need to stay connected with each other to stay happy. A friendly neighbor, a church choir and a knitting circle can help and fulfill the requirement of a connection. Researchers wanted to ascertain just how small a cue can aid someone in feeling connected.

Researchers Eric D. Wesselmann and Florencia D. Cardodo along with Smantha Slater and Kipling D. Williams experimented, studied and discovered that humans do feel bothered even when they are ignored by a stranger if he fails to acknowledge them. These researchers then came up with an experiment to test this. Some people at Prude University campus cooperated with the researchers to carry out this experiment. A research associate walked along a path which was well populated, picked a random subject and observed the person’s eyes and smile and many times just ignored them and walked away. When the associate passed that person, he or she gave a signal of thumbs up behind the back in order to signal another experimenter to stop that person. Then another experimenter asked them how they felt within the last minute or how did they feel when they were disconnected from others?

People who had got an eye contact from the associate, which could be either with or without smile somewhat felt less disconnected or ignored than those individuals who had been looked as if they were not present. There are individuals who might just walk by you and at many times they might ignore you since they hardly know you, while at other times, they might pass a smile or make an eye contact with you. All this has least momentary effect but an individual certainly gets hurt, if ignored by a stranger.  Researchers say that by now they can speak to the strength of human social connection as it seems to be a very powerful phenomenon.




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