Being In Power—How It Affects One’s Personality

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If you desire testing an individual’s character, then give him power. This is a fact that power magnifies personality, however is this true? A recent research says no. Earlier the individuals considered that the disposition is associated to will; it is mostly internally driven, reported Ana Guinote, a psychologist who carried the research. The study demonstrated that the environment critically activates the counter-dispositional or the dispositional behavior in powerful individuals. The results of the research can be read in the periodical journal of Psychological Science. The research displays that the dispositions – the tendency to perform and consider in specific ways – could be superseded by other reactions, encompassing those, the individuals seldom do and think. However do the powerful, which are generally in control, remain stick to their dispositional guns?

In 3 experiments, individuals were given few power roles like employees, managers, a resulting or trivial advisor on university regulation – then put the tasks analyzing if their customary nature rule them.

How was the research conducted?

In the initial, the individuals were examined to tease the traits which they think are imperative and those who are far from their perception – features they do not normally think. Those words were even significant to the subsequent task like judging individuals through descriptive sentences. The neutrally primed holders of power judged others much strongly in their particular ways. However when the descriptions outside their general thinking were highlighted in mind, the holders of power used that instead. The lower powered individual’s thoughts remained consistent.

The researchers say that the holders of power are required to make quick decisions and react to the opportunities, so they frequently engage in processes of automatic cognition. Social norms and organizational culture have exceptional power to affect the power holders.



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