Being Overweight Increases Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk in Females

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The painful autoimmune disorder and Obesity are both turning out to be very common, raising a significant question, can one have certain thing to do with each other? For females, there is an association, Mayo clinic investigators say. They observed many patients and discovered a past of obesity as to why it puts the females at prominent threat of progressed rheumatoid arthritis. Their results are printed online in an American periodical Arthritis Care and Research. In this kind of arthritis, the immune system attacks the tissues, many other organs and the inflaming joints. This disease can also lead to fatigue and fever. Rheumatoid arthritis appears to initially influence the feet and hands and then extend to knees, shoulders, hips and ankles. This is more general in females than the males. The complications can even encompass lung diseases, heart problems and carpal tunnel syndrome.

How was the research carried?

To evaluate a possible association with being overweight, the investigators pulled the medical tracks which covered 1980-2007 and observed 813 adults with rheumatoid arthritis and approximately 813 adults in the control group. They all matched by gender, age and calendar year.

Weight, height and smoking status were even observed. Roughly 30 percent of these patients were obese and around 68% were females. This disorder rose by 9.2% every 100 000 females from 1985-2007, the research discovered. More investigation is required to ascertain how obesity might result to rheumatoid arthritis. The actual nature of the association is not clear, admits the co-author.

The researchers say that the fat cells and tissues generate substances which are active in immunity and inflammation. They realize that being overweight is concerned to various health issues like diabetes and heart diseases. This is an additional reason to decrease and avoid obesity in the common populace.



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