5 Benefits a massage can bring to your heath

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We all love a good massage; it relaxes us after a hard day of work, it makes us feel better and happier and it seems to give us a life boost. There are a lot of types of body massage that are being performed in spa centers and they all have one purpose: making you healthier.

Here are a few types of body massage techniques I have looked into these last few days. You don’t need to go to massage therapy schools online to understand the basic types of massages. Find out what their names mean and when you should ask for one.

1. The Swedish massage. Such a massage is performed in most of the spa centers and I am sure you have heard of it before. This type of body massage is performed with long smooth strokes that have the purpose of pushing the blood flow towards the heart area. This method will improve your blood circulation, will induce you body relaxation and will help in the treatment of hypertension. Sometimes the therapist might use a technique resembled to small chopping with the side of the hands on body areas that seem to be more tensed.

2. Thai massage. This type of massage involves acupuncture, stretching, body massage, pressure points massage and meditation. It is kind of like a health program. It seems that besides relaxation Thai massage increases vitality and improves mind health.

3. Reiki. Most often considered a healing therapy than a massage, Reiki has been performed by therapists since ancient times. Reiki involves gentle hands pressure on certain parts of the head, the torso on both sides and the limbs. People are usually sitting comfortably on a chair or on a table, with their clothes on and are usually advised not to talk so that they can ensure utmost relaxation. Reiki is good for relieving anxiety, body pain, depressions, and for inducing relaxation.

4. Deep tissue massage. This type of massage is used for reaching deep tissues, mostly the tissue that is hidden in the layers of the muscles. In order to reach such difficult areas, the therapist will apply pressure with one of the elbows or even with the body weight by leaning over. Such a massage is great for releasing muscle tension that can not be released with a simple Swedish massage. It can also help with tendonitis, arthritic pain and limitations in the range of motion.

5. Sports massage. If you want to recover faster from sports stress then I believe you need such a massage. Normally the therapist focuses mainly on the body part that causes trouble. Such a massage will be performed for 30 to 40 minutes and will involve simple Swedish massage techniques as well as deep tissue massage techniques. Such a massage is great for toning up muscles and fastening the process of recovery after an injury.



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