Benefits of Colon Cleansing Detox

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Our colon can be a magnet of all the things that we eat—that’s why it serves as a double edge. Why? IT may be of benefit if we live a nutritious lifestyle i.e. balanced diet, eating nutritious foods, etc… however, it can be very detrimental if we are the type of person who lives in a quick lifestyle—fast foods, canned goods, processed meat and the likes. This is where our colon can be both harmful and beneficial.

Because of these things, many people look into the possibility of detoxifying their colon. One popular method of doing such is through colon cleansing detox. Colon cleansing detox is basically detoxifying our colon from harmful chemicals, materials and toxins that we may have acquired through our food and drinking intake.

Colon cleansing detox may come in various forms. There are herbal supplements which can lead to colon cleansing, i.e. colon cleansing detox tablets, etc. There are also laxatives which can be used to promote the evacuation of these toxins through inducing defecation. Natural form of colon cleansing detox is also available by drinking juices, shakes or tea for several days strictly.  But what, really, are the benefits of colon cleansing? Here are the things which you may get from colon cleansing detox:

General Cleansing of Our Colon and GI Tract

Colon cleansing is simply like placing a vacuum cleaner inside your digestive tract. This vacuum cleaner will sweep and absorb all the toxins and harmful bacteria inside your stomach and intestines. However, colon cleansing is non-specific, therefore, good bacteria will definitely be expelled as well once colon cleansing detox is performed.

Decrease in Constipation Frequency

Due to our food intake and lifestyle, our intestines develop some sort of plaques and hardening in its walls. These plaques render our intestines less motile and mobile in order to process and digest all forms of food that we eat… constipation results from this occurrence. Now with colon cleansing detox, a person becomes able to expel and get rid of this accumulation leading to a healthier and more motile colon.

Lesser Occurrence of Diarrhea

Diarrhea is most common with a dingy colon. Our colon may contain toxins and these toxins irritate our colon. As a result, the colon will attempt to expel these toxins to prevent further damage to the system. In effect, diarrhea occurs. The more toxins there are in your colon, the more frequent diarrheic episodes will be.

Lesser Chances of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a fast growing neoplasm in the past few years. More and more people are diagnosed with colon cancer each year and the tricky part here is that most colon cancer cases are diagnosed at a late onset, not unless a person subjects himself to yearly workups like barium enema or colonoscopy. Colon cleansing will expel these toxins and free radicals which promote the growth of abnormal tissues which can become cancerous and malignant.

Other benefits of colon cleansing may include a healthier and glowing skin, more energy and vitality as well as weight loss. Generally, colon cleansing is a healthy practice—but not if you do it every single day.




  1. There are lots of “detox” regimens out there. Some are juice cleanses. Some require fasting or calorie counting. Some promise a flushed colon or invigorated spleen. While these types of detox programs (which mainly come in a box) seem safe,

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