Benefits of Pilates exercises

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Pilates method can make the difference to your health without requiring hard effort. Pilates is an invigorating workout for the mind and body.

By improving breathing, proper alignment of the pelvis and spine and by focusing on movements smooth and accurate, you will gain good body tone. You will learn to actually control your body movements.

In Pilates exercise, the focus is on quality of movement than the number of repetitions. Breathing correctly is essential and helps performance with maximum efficiency and power movements. Last but not least, by learning to breathe correctly, you will be able to eliminate stress.


1. Overview
2. Benefits of Pilates exercises
3. Pilates for beginners
4. Pilates exercises at home

Benefits of Pilates exercises

Balance your center of gravity, build a flat stomach and strong you back. Pilates method helps to balance the center of gravity. For this benefit the deep abdominal muscles must consolidate along with muscles near the spine. Control of the core is achieved when integrated into a whole trunk, pelvis and shoulder.

Shape a balanced body, improve your athletic performance and prevent injuries. In the same trend, most regular exercises tend to work the same muscle group. This causes muscles to become weaker and weaker, while the strong becomes stronger. Building muscle is the result of unbalanced development – the leading cause of injuries and chronic back pain.

Pilates exercises lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility and flexibility. Pilates method conditions the whole body exercise, even the ankles and feet according to Bonpilates. No muscle group is trained too much or too little. Whole muscles develop balanced, and will help you enjoy daily sports activities more easily, with better performance and less risk of suffering injuries.

Pilates is a method of flexible exercise. Modifications to the exercises allow you to change difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Pilates for beginners

Once you decide to try Pilates exercises, the next question is where you perform these exercises. You can practice Pilates exercises to:
- Fitness clubs – Pilates studios (furnished facilities for this type of exercises)
- Recreation centre
- Beauty centers and rehabilitation clinics
- Buy pilates fitness equipment and have a do-it-yourself mini gym

If you’ll find these exercises attractive, depends on how you like to work, how long and what resources you are willing to pay. No matter which of the systems that you will adopt as a beginner, this should take place in a room that provides a suitable atmosphere to work both body and mind.

Pilates exercises at home

Perhaps, however, prefer to exercise in the privacy of your home. If you have trouble following a set program with hours of exercise, Pilates method may be the best option.

If you are attracted to follow the Pilates method at home, experts recommend however, that the beginner, to execute the beginning exercises in a public space suitable for reassurance. The investment will be worth it. Effective Pilates methods include a combination of movements and breathing which are best explained by a qualified instructor.



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