Best Colon Cleansing Diets

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With a lot of lifestyle related health problems and threats going about and affecting millions of people each single year, living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things that a person can do and invest on. Lifestyle related disease may include heart diseases, liver diseases, respiratory conditions, and most of all, gastrointestinal diseases.

When we speak of lifestyle related diseases, gastrointestinal conditions are surely part of the A-list. It is because what we eat can greatly affect our health. In fact, many diseases related to the GI system are due to the foods that we eat. Of all the parts of our GI system which is greatly affected by the foods we eat, our colon is most at risk.

We might have already heard how high the morbidity and mortality of colon related disease is—like for example colon cancer. In fact, colon cancer is the Top 3 cancer with the highest mortality rate, following lung cancer and cervical/prostate cancer. Like what we all know, colon cancer has a high fatality, most especially when it is diagnosed at a late stage.

This doesn’t mean that what we should aim for is an early diagnosis of the said condition… still the way to go is to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer and other colon related diseases. Here are the best colon cleansing diets that you may try in order to spare your body from the wrath of colon cancer:

High Fiber Diet

There is no doubt—a high fiber diet is probably one of the best colon cleansing diets that we can use. Fiber works by sweeping away the toxins and harmful chemicals inside our stomach and intestines. Also, it promotes a better consistency of our stool—not to soft but not too hard. A high fiber diet can include bran, whole wheat, grains, and other green and leafy vegetables.

A Daily Gulp of Acai Berry

Acai Berry is a wonder fruit! It is a berry found in the vast Amazon Rainforests and has been known to be excellent antioxidants. Acai berry is used in treating, preventing and recovering many lifestyle related disease like colon related conditions. It has been used for years by native Americans in the Amazon however it gained access to mainstream media after it has been featured by popular shows. Acai berry can be bought as pills or juices in many stores.

Less Fats and Cholesterol Intake

Fatty foods and cholesterol rich foods are not healthy at all times. It is true that there are cholesterol rich foods which can be good for our health… but the thing is, many foods rich in cholesterol can harm our intestines by clinging into our intestinal walls and accumulating in there. One of the best colon cleansing diets is to avoid too much intake of these types of foods and be more into eating fish products and vegetables. These types of foods contain lower amounts of cholesterol and bad fats.

Finding the best colon cleansing diet is not a hard task. All you need to do is to read and research on things. The most challenging part of all is clinging on to these diets.



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