Better Quality of Life among Black Women Who Are Obese

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The problem with having an increase in body weight to an extent that it already reaches the category of obesity is the presence of multiple health risk attach to it. Many health care professionals and even nutritionist are calling for the attention of the general public to be wary and vigilant about their food options and the kind of lifestyle they have because these can lead to the development of various diseases which can put a great deal of discomfort to a person. It is claimed by other researches that individuals who are obese experienced a less quality of life as compared to other individuals who are in the normal weight limits. This is because of the limitations that having an increase weight can cause these individuals.

However, according to a new U.S. study, black women who are categorized as obese have a better quality of life as compared to other white women who are also in the same category as far as weight is concerned.

The new research which was published online as part of the advance publication of the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life involved the analysis and evaluation of data gathered from about 172 black women who are under the category of obese and another 171 white women who are in the same weight category. The researchers gathered the data dated back in between the year 2000 and 2010. The study participants were allowed by the researchers to answer questions from a questionnaire which measured and gauge the five quality-of-life areas. These include the areas of physical function, self-esteem, public distress, sexual life, and work. The results of the analysis of the data from the questionnaire were compared to the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the study participants.

Researchers found out that generally as the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the study participants increases, there has been a decrease in their quality of life. In addition, comparison between the quality of life of the white and black women revealed that even though they had the same BMI, black women had generally high scores in the quality-of-life areas as compared to that of the white women.

Moreover, according to the researchers of the study, black women had generally a higher quality of life despite the fact that they are obese as compared to the white women because the black women are accepting of their body weights.





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