Body image of women is not always a drag on her well being

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Psychology professors from Deakin University have discovered that body image does not bring a negative experience for women always. Rachel Chung, who was conducting a doctoral research, is looking out for experiences of women concerning their bodies and how this can be associated to “how they sense about themselves in various aspects of their lives”. The existing view on the body image is that normally women are dissatisfied with their bodies, says Ms Chung.

Till now many studies have been conducted on the body image of women. They throw light on the various negative aspects like women’s dissatisfaction with their weight and shape along with other adverse factors. These factors are connected with having a bad body image like the reduced self esteemed or any eating disorder. Chung says that she is interested in discovering how the optimistic aspects of body image are concerned to the women’s feel of well being. Around 200 women whose age varied from 18-76 have been a part of her survey and helped her completing her survey. While the previous studies throw light on the negative aspects concerned with the body image of women, Ms Chung’s initial findings signify that body image can have an optimistic influence in the life of women.

Many women who easily accept themselves or hold optimistic attitudes about themselves, often acknowledge their good and bad traits and earlier life events. It was found that such women willingly invest in their physical healthy lifestyle. The findings show that nearly one third of women admitted that their emotional states, exercising and eating experiences were influenced by their body image. But for about 1/3rd women the experiences were negative and for 1/3rd women, there was no impact on these variables due to body image. The interpersonal relations of the women were also influenced by their attitude towards the body image.




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