Boost cancer survival by regular Pap smear

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If the women have a regular Pap smear test which screens their cervical cancer, there is more likelihood of their survival in case they are ever detected with such cancer, a recent study from Sweden reported.  Contrasted to women who are detected with cervical cancer due to symptoms, those who are diagnosed following a regular Pap smear, augmented their treatment rate from 66% to 90%, said the researchers. Though routine Pap screening might not avoid cancer by seeking for precursors, however it shall augment the likeliness of treatment if the cancer is identified while screening.

The doctors and researchers thus recommend and say that the advantage of Pap smear screening is factual. In routine Pap smear, the cells which are scrapped from the opening of the cervix are observed beneath a microscope. For the study, the researchers gathered data on approximately 1200 women from Sweden who had been detected with cervical cancer. The investigators ascertained that 92% of these women who underwent routine screening were treated as contrasted to 66% of women, who were given treatment only when they noticed the symptoms. Treatment rates were even found to elevate amid the women screened as per the established set of rules, contrasted to women who were late for their Pap smear test, they discovered.

Of these 1200 women, around 400 women died due to cervical cancer and 75% of these 400 had not had their Pap Smear Test within the suggested time. The researchers also said that Pap smears are excellent defensive measures for making efforts to catch early the cervical cancers. The symptoms of cervical cancer do not develop and become visible awaiting the cancer has spread far. Few screenings like the PSA test which detects prostate cancer is not that efficient as abnormal results result in unnecessary treatments.



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