Brain Scans Tells What’s Inside A Dog’s Mind

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When you pet dog stares at you with love, what does it see? A pack leader? A best friend? A can opener? Most of lovers of dogs make various types of inferences concerning how their pets sense about them; however none has ever captured the images of precise canine thought procedure – until now. The investigators of Emory University created a novel technique to scrutinize the brains of the alert dogs and find the minds of the ancient domestic species. This methodology makes use of the harmless functional MRI, the identical tool which is obstructing the secrets of brains of human beings. The PLoS ONE is printing the conclusions of the initial experiment, demonstrating how the brains of the dogs respond to the hand directions which are given by the owners of the pets.

It was surprising to note the images of the initial brain of a completely awake and unrestrained dog. Till now the researcher know that none has been able to conduct this before. They anticipate a whole novel door for recognizing canine cognition and inter-species interactions. They desire to acknowledge the relationship between the dog and human being from the dog’s perspective.

How was the research conducted?

The main associates of the investigation team included a graduate student and an expert dog trainer along with an owner of a pet house from Atlanta. Two dogs were engaged in the initial phase of the research. The research was targeted at decoding the intellectual processes of the dogs by tracking the regions of the brains which get triggered by the stimuli. Finally the researchers even hoped to get solutions of various queries related to the dogs. The research also showed that the dogs appear happy and showed this by their body language.



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