Breakthrough in Eliminating Macular Degeneration

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Researchers from the Trinity College Dublin have found that a major part of the human immune system which is known as the inflammasome is linked in controlling the progress of the general kinds of blindness, which is called the Age Connected Macular Degeneration. The investigators have discovered that regulating an inflammatory constituent IL-18, in matters of AMD might avert the progress of the disorder. This particular AMD encompasses loss of main sight, and individuals with advanced disorder are incapable to read, enjoy cinema, use computer, watch TV or drive – everyday life becomes very complicated. The study which was printed this week in an international periodical, Nature Medicine is backed by Health Research Board, Science Foundation Ireland and Fighting Blindness Ireland.

The main diagnostic characteristic of AMD is the existence of drusen that is acknowledged at times of an eye test as white/yellowish debris in the main area of the retina which is known as macula. The dry AMD is featured by the existence of additional quantity of drusen and presently there are no kinds of treatment besides the suggested life style modifications like quitting smoking, which is thought to be a risk factor.

But a prominent number of matters of dry kind of AMD could develop into the wet kind, where the blood vessels beyond the retina start growing, resulting in blindness. If you carry 2 coins immediately ahead your 2 eyes, you shall see a large single black circle which will block your main sight. This is very factual simulation of what it would be like to survive with an advanced disease. The main authors have together found that the drusen gathering in macula might result to the secretion of 2 inflammatory components. And this is not good as it is a hallmark of various eye diseases.



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