Breakthrough Vaccine Attacks Tumors In Mice

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Cancer is one of the most common diseases that afflict the general population. Up to this date, there are already numerous malignancies known in the medical field, although there are already established effective treatment options for individuals who are suffering from cancer, still the number of individuals who are getting the disease remains high.

For this matter, many scientists and researchers are investing their time and effort to conduct further studies which will determine major contributory risk factor for cancer; more so, scientists are trying to discover a measure or strategy in order to help protect the general public from the cancer. This is through a hope in discovering a vaccine that will boosts and enhance the immune system of the general public as far as fighting cancer is concerned.

In fact recently, a breakthrough vaccine has been discovered by scientists in the United States (US) which directly attacks tumors that develops among mice. The newly discovered vaccine proven effective among mice paved way for the new hope of using this vaccine among humans and help protect the general public against colon, breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer.

The findings of the new study were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. According to the scientists who discovered the vaccine, the vaccine works by improving the immune system’s detection of cells that contain a specific protein in their surface known as the asMUC1. By this, the three components of the immune system are activated leading to the reduction of tumor size up to about an average of 80 per cent.

Even though vaccines that have been discovered effective among mice do not directly becomes effective in achieving treatment pathways among the humans, still further researches and clinical trials can be done in order to finally arrive into a vaccine that is both effective and safe to use among humans which can help fight the rapidly diving cells known as the tumors.

Moreover, according to Sandra Gendler, study co-author, professor at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, she said: “This is the first time that a vaccine has been developed that trains the immune system to distinguish and kill cancer cells based on their different sugar structures on proteins such as MUC1.” This is good news among women who are suffering from breast cancer because researchers found out that the protein asMUC1 found in tumors are actually very prominent in breast cancer cells. Furthermore, this can lead to a discovery of new treatment options that will respond best to breast cancer.





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