Breast Cancer Detection Through Lymph Nodes

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Breast cancer is the number two most morbid type of cancer and the number one form of cancer among women. It affects millions of people and as time passes, more and more women are suffering from it. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is already devastating—more so is the feeling that one experiences while undergoing treatment, surgery and the constant fear that at any point, this disease might just eat you up in your entirety.  But since breast cancer is a common form of malignancy, it has been recommended by doctors to perform breast self examination at a regular interval.

One of the things that a breast self examination gives is for the woman to feel the change in size, appearance, lump or any swelling in the breasts. One of the significant findings may be the appearance or presence of a lump or swollen lymph nodes in breast. When this happens, it is best to consult your physician on the possible ways of having yourself checked further for the presence of breast tumors or abnormalities.

Swollen Lymph Nodes in Breast

We may be well aware of lymph nodes and we are quite sure that these can be commonly found in areas like the neck, behind and in front of the ear lobes, armpit, groin or inguinal area and sometimes we can also feel them in our clavicular area. But then, it is important to take note that lymph nodes are actually found everywhere. It just so happened that the lymph nodes in the above mentioned areas are not deep, rather superficial making them easily palpated. Lymph nodes can also be found in the breasts. And when they swell, they actually indicate something wrong—most especially if you are able to palpate them.

Causes of Swollen Lymph Nodes in Breast

Lymph nodes in breast indicate some conditions like for example infections in the respiratory tract, injury or trauma to the arm, chest or the adjacent areas therein. Lymph nodes in breast are common occurrences most especially among patients with malignancy—more particularly those with breast cancer. This condition, unlike the former is more dreaded and is in fact, something which needs to be managed immediately.

How to Feel For Lymph Nodes in Breast?

Since breast cancer is a life threatening condition when unmanaged, more particularly in its end stages, it is best to identify any form of swelling in the breasts. One means of doing so is through performing breast self examination or BSE. In breast self examination, the woman palpates her own breasts in different manners feeling for lumps, swelling of nodes, irregularity of size, as well as presence of discharges from the nipples.

A breast self examination should be performed within a week after a menstrual period starts. Doing it in a regular interval is best in order to effectively compare the results at a monthly basis relative to your menstrual period (should be regular). Lymph nodes in breast are common findings among people who may be at risk for developing breast cancer.

If you notice any of these in your breasts, it is best to have a Clinical Breast Examination performed. Also, a mammography would be ideal… most especially if you are above 40 years old. Once you step into your fifties, a mammography may be done regularly.




  1. Fower Lee says:

    If breast cancer cells are detected, the cancer is more likely to recur. Due to this increased risk, your doctor will probably recommend systemic therapy, which treats the whole body and includes chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapy.


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