Breastfed Babies May Put On Less Weight

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Kids who are breast fed put on less weight during their initial years when evaluated to kids who are fed from milk bottles. Even if the bottle has mother’s breast milk, said the researchers. The main author of the study said that the dissimilarity might fall down to how much role the kids play while deciding as to when to feed and when to stop feeding. If the kids are fed by mother’s breast, the kids play a very active part, as they are only ones who make decision as to when to suckle and when to put this to halt. The researchers believe that in case the babies are fed with the bottle, they shall slowly lose their self regulation of the energy consumption and the inside cues if hunger and satiety.

A view at feeding and weight gain:

To view at the association amid the feeding and weight gain, the researcher along with her colleagues studied 1900 kids from all over the nation US who were born in the year 2000. By means of sequence of surveys which were sent to the mothers of the kids also, the investigators asked for various other things –kids weights at various ages and how frequently the females breastfed, pumped their breasts for milk and used a formula.

Kids who were just fed from the milk bottles were the ones who gained nearly 3 ounces or more per month to those kids who were just fed on breast milk. Kids who suckled at the breast as well as were fed on the milk bottle; however with the breast milk only, did not put on any additional weight. However if they were both bottle fed and breast fed with the formula, certainly gained 2 ounce every month.



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