Breastfeeding babies with special needs

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A nurse can be a very serious problem for every new mother. If the child is born prematurely or with congenital diseases like Down syndrome or cleft lip (hare lip) or cleft palate palate cut and cleft soft palate repectiv or “mouth of the wolf”), breastfeeding should be changed. Breastfeeding for cleft lip and / or cleft palate if breastfeeding if my baby How is cleft lip and / or cleft palate? cleft lip or “hare lip” is represented by a congenital opening in the upper lip, hard palate and nasal cavity, regions not joined intruterana life. This can vary gradually, in the lighter colored and more extended lip to the nose. A cut lip includes a separation of the upper jaw bone and / or soft palate (roof of mouth). Regardless of the degree cleft, the baby can receive all the benefits of breastfeeding, with some changes of position. 1. The baby has a cleft lip part When your baby has a cleft lip part, you can breastfeed with some small “fireworks”. First will be a small problem, it will form a seal around the nipple. Even if he has a cleft lip part, some b



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