Can Pain Relievers Provide Protection from Skin Cancer?

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A recent research recommends that aspirin and many other similar painkillers might aid in protecting the individuals against skin cancer. Posted online in a journal CANCER, a peer reviewed periodical of the ACS, the results show that the skin cancer prevention might be augmented to the advantages of these generally used drugs. Earlier studies recommend that consuming non steroidal anti inflammatory medicines or NSAIDs which involve ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen and a number of other non prescribed and prescribed medicines can reduce an individual’s threat of increase of certain kind of cancer. The investigators observed the medical records of northern Denmark from the year 1991 to 2009 and observed individuals. They evaluated the information which included the prescription data, from these individuals with details from 178, 655 volunteers without skin cancer.

Volunteers who filled more than 2 prescriptions for NSAIDs had around 15 percent reduced threat for being detected with squamous cell carcinoma.  Around 13 percent reduced threat for being detected with malignant cancer than those individuals who filled 2 or less than 2 prescriptions for drugs, particularly when the medicines were taken for 7 or more years or might have been taken at elevated intensity.

Patients who consumed NSAIDs did not appear to gain from the decreased threat of developing basal cell cancer in normal; although they did have 15% and 21% decreased threat of developing this kind of cancer on led exposed sites. We all anticipate that the possible cancer protective impact of NSAIDs shall motivate additional research on prevention of skin cancer. Even this possible cancer protective influence must be taken into consideration while discussing harms and benefits of NSAID use. So before you consume the painkillers, read the benefits and harms of these drugs and then consume.



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