Can Sciatica Be Treated Fully?

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When sciatica attacks or flares up, the only thing you would want is RELIEF. This is true as sciatica can lead to a lot of somatic discomforts which include pain of the lower back down to the legs and feet, numbness and tingling sensation, as well as weakness of the legs and feet. Subsequently, a person with sciatica will find it hard to walk, turn and even bend down. Because of this people with sciatica will always refer to professionals in order to get sciatica relief.

Causes of Sciatica

While it is important to get immediate relief for the management of sciatica, it is also advisable to be aware of its common causes:

  1. Trauma or damage to the sciatic nerve. This may be due to physical activities which cause harm to the areas where the sciatic nerve is located.
  2. Disorders of the spinal column wherein herniation of the disks as well as injury to the spines can cause the compression of the sciatic nerve.
  3. Tumors of the spine or abnormal cell or tissue growth in the areas adjacent to the sciatica can cause undue pressure to the area causing compression of the sciatic nerve.
  4. Other skeletal disorders may also cause sciatica like osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and even fractures.
  5. Systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus have also been found to cause sciatica.

Hence, sciatica should not be taken mildly (which is often not the case since it causes a lot of inconveniences and discomforts). Here are common treatments which may aid in the management and relief of sciatica.

Massaging the Affected Area. Massaging the affected area especially with castor oil can help relieve the cramps and discomforts associated with the condition. Furthermore, massage can improve the circulation of blood in the area, thus lessening sensation of numbness and tingles.

Application of Hot and Cold Compress. Taking a warm shower or immersing the affected area in a warm tub can also improve circulation. Also, the therapeutic effect of heat can help minimize the pain and discomforts associated with the condition.

Exercises and Stretches. Engaging yourself in exercises that can improve circulation and functioning of the nerves is important. Exercises may be as simple as brisk walking, jogging, as well as stretches. Stretches are effective sciatica treatment which you can employ even when you are at home.

Medications for Pain. Pain medications, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to lessen the pain and discomfort; however, these do not treat the condition from its root cause.

Surgery. NOT ALL people with sciatica may undergo surgery as there are always considerations and exceptions to all cases. Cases which are spinal in origin may require surgical intervention in order to prevent sciatica symptoms. However, simple conditions of sciatica may not need surgery as it may further aggravate the condition. Remember, surgeons will deal with nerves and nerves are irreplaceable.

Like any other conditions, sciatica treatment should always involve dealing with the root cause of the disorder. By treating the preexisting condition giving rise to sciatica, one can feel significant, if not complete relief from the condition.




  1. florence lidiolo says:

    I would like to know if there is complete treament for sciatica pain. I developed some pain after an injection while on other treament. The pain develops from the point I was injected to my knees and down. Only after some remedies of trimin, neurobion, forever living products like aloe heat lotiol, aloe gel the pain is not severe as it were in the beginning. Please help me cure this pain ones and for all. Observation it starts during cold whether though it seasonal.

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