Cancer-Causing Toxin Discovered In Chinese Dairy Company’s Milk

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Milk has always been very helpful in building strong bones because it contains calcium. Furthermore, it contains a lot of nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and proteins that aid in the body’s health. This substance indeed has benefited society and is considered essential to about 6 billion of people globally. However, together with the onset of technology, several substances have also been identified in the recent years which are hazardous to health which may be contained in the food we eat and even in the liquid we drink. Milk is not an exemption. Recent news stated that a cancer-causing toxin was found to have excessive levels in milk, produced by one of China’s foremost dairy companies.

The quality watchdog of the government discovered elevated levels of an aflatoxin, which is derived from mould in the Mengniu Dairy Group’s milk, as reported by the company through statement released on December 25. Furthermore, according to Mengniu, the milk, which was produced at one of its plants located in southwestern province of Sichuan, had undergone tests prior to its release to the commercial market, in their effort to avoid contaminated milk from being sold.

China is focusing their effort against product safety violations in order to give reassurance to the citizens and to gain back their faith after some high-profile scandals occurred. Moreover, milk had been at the core of the country’s largest food safety scandal way back 2008, when it was revealed that there had been an illicit addition of the industrial chemical melamine to the dairy products so that it would appear to have higher protein content. After taking in the melamine-containing milk, 300,000 suffered from illness and at least six babies died.

Additionally, various safety concerns were discovered in different products, like pharmaceuticals and cooking oil. The Chinese government arrested thirty-two individuals last September because they were found to sell cooking oil, made from leftovers found in gutters.

According to the World Health Organization, aflatoxins can be present in milk after the cows’ consumption of mould-contaminated feed. These substances can cause an elevated likelihood of developing cancer, like liver cancer. Mengniu articulated that their contaminated products were already destroyed; also, they gave an apology to their consumers. According to a separate statement made by the agency, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine found these latest findings in nationwide testing tests of 200 dairy goods produced by 128 companies.

This news also serves as a reminder to companies and the government to carefully test the products sold to the market, putting the welfare of the people as their number one priority. Furthermore, this is an important caution to consumers.




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