Cancer Risks Have Been Tied Up With the Environment and Lifestyle

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With the increasing number of individuals who are diagnosed of having certain types of cancer, many researchers and health care professionals are investing their time and effort in conducting further studies which delved on the association of cancer risks to certain factors which can predispose a person to develop cancer in the future. This is to help the general public by relaying information which can be used in order for them to avoid or prevent acquiring certain cancer risks. Other studies have claimed that there are actually multiple factors which can actually increase the health risk of a person, and these include lifestyle and environmental factors.

In fact, according to a new study, cancer risks have been associated with the factors that exist in the environment and the lifestyle of an individual.

Cancer which is medically known as the malignancy of cells or tissues has been affecting many individuals across the globe. What happens is that when risk factors have been accumulated and when the immune response of a person top combat the presence of the risk factors have failed, there will be an initiation for the development of cancer cells. These cancer cells have the ability to over grow and spread to the different body parts which make a person experience clinical manifestations of the disease depending on the site affected.

In the current study, researchers included the analysis of certain risk factors which can increase the chance of a person to have cancer. Researchers found out that the risk factor which has the largest impact on the increase in the risk of cancer is smoking. Also, researchers found out other factors which can increase the cancer risk of an individual. This is in the form of poor lifestyle which includes unhealthy diet and food options. Unhealthy diet includes those meals which have less fruit and vegetable contents as well as fiber.

Moreover, other factors which can be categorized into lifestyle factors have been identified such as alcoholism and obesity which is also tied up with certain cancer risk. In addition, the findings of the new study paved way for an additional information and evidence regarding the known health risks which can predispose a person from an increase cancer risk. Hence, the researchers are calling for the general population to be wary and vigilant about their health actions.





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