Cancer Survivors Die Due To Co-Morbidities

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Survivors of cancer should pay close attention to numerous other aspects of their health during their aging process, investigators say. A recent research discovers that approximately half of the survivors of cancer die due to some other diseases other than cancer like diabetes and heart diseases. And also from the initial diagnosis of cancer which they get, the more probable is that their reason of death will be something which will be other than cancer. Following the diagnosis of cancer, the cancer survivors and clinicians pay less focus to the elimination and curing other diseases and complications. The lead researcher said. They say that they should never avoid other aspects of health as they are paying attention on cancer and ignoring other chronic conditions.

In a survey the researchers ascertained that out of 1800 survivors of cancer over the time of more than 19 years, 776 patients died due to cancer and other 49% died due to other diseases and conditions.

What the research discovered?

The researchers acknowledged that the death rates for some kinds of cancers, like the breast cancer had reduced, said an assistant research member Ning. He is the member of the VCU at the Massey Cancer center. The survivors of cancer live longer than they did, few years ago. Still with this large group of survivors of cancer, we must give due attention to these survivors and their overall health. The individuals followed in the research survived few most general kinds of cancer, which included the cervical, breast, prostate, colorectal and lung cancer. A high percentage was also detected with conditions other than cancer like diabetes and blood pressure.

This research was presented at a medical meeting and the conclusions and data must be observed as primary until they are published in a periodical.




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