Canker Sore Natural Remedies

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Eating is one of the most comfortable things that you consider doing—it can take away your stress, it is a good way of unwinding from work and school, it is also a great way to bond with friends and relatives. However, not all the time, eating can be very pleasurable and fun—this is true especially if you are prone to developing canker sores.

What Are Canker Sores

Canker sores are simply ulcerations in any part of the oral cavity. These canker sores have no known definite cause but commonly, these are what cause canker sores:

-          physical or mechanical injury to the area like trauma, accidental bites, braces or   other mouth appliances;

-          viral or bacterial infections;

-          changes in body hormones;

-          food intake;

-          Nutritional deficiency.

Canker sores are very painful ulceration and no one can deny this fact. These sores can hinder one from eating even the softest foods, drinking even the purest and non-irritating beverages and even in speaking. And as much as we want to get rid of these canker sores, dealing with them may take days to a week before it heals and becomes less painful when eating, drinking or speaking.

Here are effective canker sore home remedies that can greatly help you lessen the pain and hasten the healing of these canker sores:

Crushed Ice

Cold compress is one of the most economical and effective canker sore natural remedies. However, using a cold pack inside your mouth is quite awkward and impossible. Using ice cubes or crushed ice can be a great alternative. Simply get a cube of ice and place it inside your mouth. Place it in the area where the canker sore is and momentarily move it around your mouth to avoid damage to the site. Ice can have a numbing effect to the canker sore and therefore, pain can be greatly lessened.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Water

Adding a part of hydrogen peroxide to a small amount of water or making a gargle can make good canker sore natural remedies. You can either place a small amount of the mixture into a cotton ball or make more amounts enough to be gargled. Simply apply the mixture to the area of the canker sore. Whether using it as a gargle or using cotton balls, be sure to rinse your mouth and avoid swallowing. Hydrogen peroxide should not be swallowed.

Aloe Vera Sap/ Juice

The juice or pulpy sap that comes with an aloe vera can be great canker sore natural remedies. Aloe vera has been known to have a tissue repairing effect therefore, ulcerations like that of canker sores can be healed in a faster manner.

Good Oral Hygiene

Apart from making use of these herbal remedies and natural cures, making sure you practice good oral hygiene is a key point in keeping canker sores away. Brush your teeth regularly, floss if you need to or if you are using orthodontic appliances, make sure you consult your dentist if you feel any discomfort to your oral cavity to have necessary adjustments.

Also, when suffering from canker sores, avoid eating foods which are strong and irritating to the mouth like spicy and hot foods. Be lavish with cold foods and those foods which are gentle to eat like soup, noodles and the likes.

Say bye-bye to canker sores within a couple of days by making use of these simple but proven canker sore natural remedies.



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