Canker Sore Under My Tongue—what should I do?

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There are these moments when you just feel like pigging your heart out but you just can’t because of certain circumstances. One of the worst things a person may experience is getting a canker sore in the mouth. Getting a canker sore is probably a thing you will loathe for eternity because of the discomforts that may arise with it. These discomforts, among all other else include difficulty speaking and enunciating words, problems eating and chewing foods, and even drinking hot or even lukewarm fluid.

Canker sore under tongue are caused by many factors and most commonly—these are mechanical in etiology, which means its either the person accidentally bites the area under the tongue or the person has a dental appliance which causes undue pressure on the surface underneath the tongue. A canker sore under tongue may also be due to intake of foods and medicines which can be irritating and damaging to the oral mucosa. In terms of existing diseases, conditions such as oral cancer, STDs like herpes, etc can lead to a canker sore under tongue. Similarly, common childhood diseases like cough and colds, and influenza can lead to the development of canker sore under tongue.

Getting rid of canker sore under tongue can be a bit time consuming because it will take days before the infection completely clears off, thus getting instant relief from pain is a thing which you can do to lessen the discomforts. Here are some simple yet proven relief measures:

Tea Bags. After taking a cup of tea—save the teabag and don’t dispose it instantly. These teabags can help relieve the pain and inflammation of the canker sore. Tea contains a chemical called Tannin which has a soothing and healing effect to the tissues so getting a used teabag and applying it to the affected area can lessen pain and discomfort.

Gargle Solutions. Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts. This solution will prevent the growth and multiplication of the microbes in the surface of the canker sore under tongue. Also, making a solution of warm water, added with salt and baking soda can provide the same relief. If you prefer to buy commercial gargles, there are also those available in the market and pharmacy.

Onion extract. Slicing a piece of onion and applying it to the affected area is also a known cure to the pain sensation that one can feel with canker sore under tongue. Onion has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect thus it can relieve pain and swelling.

Using Soft Bristle Brush. Many times, canker sores may result from hard bristled tooth brush—thus choosing the right quality of brush is important in avoiding canker sores and not further irritating them.

Lastly, you have to be lavish on fruits and citrus juices. These foods will boost your immune system and promote tissue and wound healing in a faster manner. Thus, preventing the occurrence of canker sore under tongue and keeping your mouth pain-free!



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