Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk, Lowered by Fish in the Diet

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Health experts say that the general health of an individual depends on multiple factor which can be both internal and external. Internal factors may include genetic influences and coping abilities, while external factors may include environmental condition, lifestyle, and nutrition. These various factors must be taken into account in order to achieve an optimum level of health and wellness. One good example is having right and proper nutrition. Nutritionists claim that proper selection of healthy foods for an individual is the best way to prevent the development of other diseases. In fact, regular consumption of fish of an individual lowers his risk for certain cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, according to a study.

Cardiovascular disease involves a group of disease which affects the heart and the vessels of the human body. There are many factors to consider such as family history, working condition, and lifestyle. Other studies conclude that those individuals who are obese and overweight are of heightened risk of developing such diseases because of the potential blocking of the vessels with fat plaque as a result of unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition. On the other hand, diabetes is a disease of the pancreas in which it either fails to produce insulin, or is producing insulin , but not sufficient to balance the sugar level in the blood.

The new study which was reported in the journal Nutrición Hospitalaria by the researchers from the University of Valencia tackled about the link between regular consumption of fish in the diet and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The study involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from Mediterranean populations who were adult belonging to the age group of 55 to 80 years old. 340 of them were males and 605 were females respectively. It was also noted that all of the study participants have increase risk for cardiovascular diseases, and consumed large amount of fish and red meat in their diet.

Moreover, the researchers found out that those individuals who have a diet wherein there is a greater proportion of fish intake than red meat were found out to have lower levels of glucose concentrations in their blood as to those who were consuming large amount of red meat. Also, the health risk is increased to those who are taking large quantity of red meat because of their potential to gain weight or become obese to a certain extent.



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