Some hot tips on fighting acne successfully


This skin disorder generally appears during puberty and always heals, but the process of healing is difficult and can take sometimes several years. Even though acne is not dangerous it must be considered with seriousness as it can cause psychological … [Read more...]

Tips for getting rid of dark eye circles

Usually dark circles under the eyes reflect the lack of sleep, the fatigue and tiredness you might suffer of. In some cases these unpleasant dark circles underneath the eyes show an organic problem: heart, kidney or thyroid affections.If after … [Read more...]

5 Simple but yet essential tips on how to maintain your hair healthy

Some women are born with beautiful hair and they don't have to worry about volumizing, about bad hair days or about the fact that they might loose their hair before they get very old. Besides these lucky cases, we can say that the rest of us need … [Read more...]

Propolis tincture

OverviewPropolis tincture or extract of propolis is derived from bee propolis. Bee propolis is processed and then used to seal the hives.Bees mix saliva, beeswax and sap collected from trees and plants. Because bee propolis is made up of so many … [Read more...]

How to prepare your skin for winter

1. OverviewWinter brings the first snowflakes and also the need to dress with more hoodies. Also, the cold weather is the cause for skin cracking and dryness.Contents1. Overview 2. How to protect your skin in winter2. How to protect your skin … [Read more...]

Some Tips For Wonderful Looking Arms

There's been a lot of interest by women on the arms of the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Her arms are toned and smooth, not too thin or thick, and women all across the world are wondering how to get arms like that.It doesn't … [Read more...]

Blackheads or comedones

OverviewAcne is one of the most common skin disorders. It is a chronic disease that affects over 85% of teens and young adults.Studies have shown that two-thirds of teens who have acne have the intention to consult a doctor but only a third have … [Read more...]

Rules for a natural skin care

Overview You can take care of your skin in a naturally way and get the glow you desire.This is possible if you follow these six simple tips: be protected from sun, treat your skin gently, choose products with a balanced pH, use moisturizers, make … [Read more...]

Facial masks: Tips for obtaining a beautiful skin

There is no secret any more that by applying the right face mask for your skin you can get a rejuvenating effect in just 20 minutes. Instead of wasting money on expensive skin treatments and lotions you can go for applying home made natural facial … [Read more...]

Four Myths About Tanning

For most of the world, we look forward to when the weather starts to warm up so that we can get outside to enjoy the warmth and good feelings of the sun. Some people can't wait that long and decide to do tanning booths, not only to darken their … [Read more...]